Empyrean Mind. A quantum leap in consciousness evolution.

“We are energy beings.”

 I have heard people say “We are energy beings” more than a few times throughout my life but no one ever took the time to break that comment down, so I will. I like to turn to Einstein’s famous equation that states E=mc² when explaining this comment. In this equation the “E” represents energy, the “m” represents mass, and the “c” represents the speed of light. Using simple algebra you could change the formula to M=E/c². The “stuff” that makes us up is called mass, so in other words this new equation says we are energy moving really, really fast. 

 Something to note on mass, the stuff that makes us up. Mass is different than weight. Let’s say we take someone and put them on a scale and weighed them here on Earth and they turn out to weigh 150 lb. (68 kg). If we take that same person and put them on the moon and weighed them again, they would weigh less due to the fact that the moon has less of a gravitational pull on our body to the ground since the moon is smaller in size in comparison to the Earth. Now, this person we weighed would not change in mass, they have the same amount of mass on Earth that they would on the moon. 

 An important property of mass is that mass, no matter how big or small, has a gravitational pull. The greater the body of mass, say like the Sun, the greater the gravitational force. We can go the other way and choose to compare the gravitational pull of 2 tiny grains of sand. If there were nothing in the universe, aside from 2 grains of sand, and if we put them on opposite ends of the universe, if it were possible, they would still have an effect on each other, no matter how small. 

 Gravity is a very powerful force which is ever present in nature. If there is mass, there is gravity. Every atom that makes us up has felt the effects of gravity for all of time. Inherently, we “know” gravity well since it has been a part of us forever. We are not usually consciously aware of gravity, but our brains are constantly measuring its effects on our body at all times. The brain receives information from the environment and the effects of gravity on us through nerves, joints, tendons, muscle fibers, inner ear, etc… All of this information is processed automatically without us having to think about it. Later we will learn how gravity has a great effect on the brains capacity to focus, and how bombarding the brain with information from your surroundings, mainly gravity-centric exercises, helps to bring the brain to a higher level of awareness and even a higher state of consciousness. 

 If we were to look at our bodies, in a most minimalistic view, we could say that our bodies are tools that we use to perceive our environment with. 

 Let’s take a look at the various senses, the traditional 5 that Aristotle came up with and an additional known 6 as of today. Rest assured, there are more subtle senses to be discovered and recognized by science in the near future. The ones we know of now include: Eyes specialize in picking up light frequency, the “visible” color spectrum (photoreception). Our ears receive sound wave frequencies from molecular wave vibration, or air pressure (mechanoreception). Our nose and mouth analyze various chemical interactions which help us smell and taste – (chemoreception). Our senses also analyze various pressure and temperature differences, perception of pain (nociception), balance, joint motion and acceleration (proprioception). 

 All of this information is taken in by the various senses, and is ALL converted into electrical energy. Let me repeat that, all of the senses convert the information received from the environment and internal structures (interoception) into real electrical energy. 

 This information is relayed from one area of the body to another and to the brain via nerves and possibly other medium in an attempt to communicate, adjust, and harmonize with the environment (homeostasis). Of course, we are not limited to those 5 senses; some people have the added specialty of direction - magnetoception. Other senses exist to varying degrees in the animal kingdom such as the sharks’ ability to detect electrical fields (electroception). Bats have echolocation, fish can detect vortices via water pressure, bees direct themselves via polarized light, etc. Note that there are people that are gifted and have a keener version, a more specialized version of the senses mentioned. They can differentiate taste, smell, sound, or any of the other senses to greater, more refined detail than the average person. 

 One should recognize that in existence today, there are people that can perceive more subtle forms of energy that others cannot. It is the natural course of evolution that makes the above statement true, there will always be people that are more advanced in adapting to various forms of energy around us. Just the act of becoming aware of these new abilities will help propel collective evolution at a faster rate. For now just know there is a way to accelerate your own “evolution” and benefit from having keener, more refined senses here and now. 

 Also know, we do not only learn to adapt to our environment by pushing towards a new ability (Darwinism), we are also guided in the direction we need to adapt to. The universe guides the self in the direction to adapt to if the person is aware and recipient to this guidance. The process of evolution is both a push to excel and a pull from the universe at the same time. Maximal harmonious adaptation to the environment is the important first step towards self-enlightenment and I will show you how to accomplish this. How to become more perceptive and attuned to your environment, as well as to learn how to be guided by it.