Empyrean Mind

This is not a religion, although there are some spiritual experiences that can be associated with the practice. It is in no way a cult of any kind, although there can be followers and devotees of the practice. It is not a hard science, even though our collective intellectual knowledge keeps on shedding light into the reasons behind the techniques. This is not a practice set in stone, although I will put forth templates that can help one exercise the steps towards enlightenment that are more beneficial and effective than existing practiced systems of self betterment.

 It is for the betterment of humankind in mind, body, and spirit. To be first practiced and achieved through strength and will of self naturally, with no external enhancements, so as to have life long benefits and a shift to true higher consciousness. It is a love for the movement of life, the spiritual thirst for the search of universal truths quenched through light(chi work), it is a gift from the source itself to you. The fulfillment of use of the full capacity of the mind, body, spirit, soul, and destiny realized.