How to be to be # 1. Maximal actualization.

nowing the basic fundamentals of weightlifting, I took what I knew and I learned how to push myself physically & mentally beyond any mental or pain barriers into a space that was pure masochistic transcendent bliss. I have the gift of envisioning myself being capable of doing things that others think is not possible. Eventually, through years of hard work, I became the strongest person in my high school... the same year the football team won their division championships for all of Northern California (there were some strong people to compete with.) All natural, all me.

 Knowing the basic fundamentals of martial arts, I taught myself the art of physical prowess to the point that I could beat anyone, any style of martial arts, or street fighting for that matter. Of course I was not always that good, and I got my ass handed to me a few times, but when I learned how to fight, it was good game. Many of my friends when I was growing up were black belts, some had 3 black belts in different styles and I trained with some. I lost 1 time out of all the many black belts I was introduced to over many years, that includes teachers/sifus, and I beat the guy the second time around. I am waiting until the UFC allows me to fight 2-3 people at once, it would not be fair otherwise (that last part is a joke, the rest is true). If you are lucky, now you can catch my super tight moves... on the dance floor. 

 Knowing the fundamentals of neurology and having a concept of what spiritual connection is, I learned how to self actualize to the point that I did things that were not believable. I figured out a way to "hack", or manipulate your body to fully potentialize your physical, mental, and even spiritual capabilities. This goes beyond what limitiations you may have placed on yourself. I HAVE found the key to ultimate self actualization and how to connect to the most powerful spectrum of energy in the universe. I don't care what you call that force, it exists. 

 While I have had witnesses and friends (some are here on FB :) that can verify all 3 of the stated assertations, the third is the one which I care to share with the world. I have been hurting for about 20 years because the power to create is so great, for good only, that what I have done IS NOT BELIEVABLE. So I have not shared it. But there were people that witnessed those things just the same. I need to share this but there is something holding me back and it has been destroying me physically, mentally, and spiritually for 2 decades. Maybe it is the fact that I am not sharing and it is what this world needs the most. The path to ultimate enlightenment. 

 This is it... 

 1) Knowing how to use the body to focus the mind, (specifically special ant-gravity exercises to bombard the brain with stimuli from your environment. SUPER focused mind leads to...) 

2) Knowing how to use the mind to cleanse the spirit, (the capability to visualize esoteric concepts such as tapping into an energy spectrum consisting of pure white light and taking it in while inhaling and exhaling any other energy. This step also requires faith until 2-3 days into it when you don't need faith, you just feel the massive power running through you) 

3) Using the spirit to touch your very soul, (the key to youth, open the heart again, it closes as you age as a protective mechanism. Become a magnet of positive attraction) 

4) Using your soul to connect with the source. (while each step is very difficult and trying on it's own, this one is the most illusive of them all, have to be very connected with self to know if prepared to take on mysteries of the universe or ask for what you desire. No limits here) 

 I will still not share the impossible things that I did that others saw me do, but there is the key. Those are the steps, take it or leave it. This is the most powerful method to self actualization. The science is out now for the first step, it is called neurogenesis. I practiced this before we had the science, I don't have time to wait for science to prove my methods, they work. 

 (older) I do not practice weight lifting, martial arts, or super fly TNT meditation anymore but I would be willing to share my insights and I hope someday I go back to being true to myself and actually doing those things, and doing what I know is possible. 

 Apathy has consumed me because I have wondered if the world was a place worth saving and if people really deserved to know what I know. It is a shame because this world needs it more than anything and I can not get myself to devote myself to only that. 

 Those closest to me know I am capable of anything I put my mind to. I am happy where I am at now, well, that may be changing lol. Maybe someday I will share everything I know. Having a logical mind tells me that no one will ever accept my life experience when it comes to the third feat of inner strength, and that is why I continue to hide and touch on the subject rarely. 

 If you want to know a bit more of the science aspect, check out

 If I ever decide to share more, it will be there first ;) Now back to your regularly scheduled program.