My personal experience with chakras.

So one day during meditation I decided to work on my own concept of what chakras are. All I thought I knew at that time is that they represented various energy states with which to view the world with. I also knew they were associated with various parts of the body.

 My experience was quite interesting, and by the end of this experience, I was feeling super "high" naturally. I started with what I thought would be the concept of a chakra by envisioning as if my "eyes" with which I would view all of creation to be located at my pelvis initially. I felt a sort of a low level vibration of existence or view, very basic. I worked my way up my body, stopping at my stomach, solar plexus and heart levels. It is worth noting that I was able to concentrate and really put myself in that state of consciousness because I had already done at least one hours worth of physical exercises, visualization techniques and a sort of cleansing prior to this particular exercise. I felt like I was really "there" at each level. 

 Something to note as well, that while now i know the practice of clearing out chakras have light associated with them, like various colors represent various chakras and states of being, I myself only worked with white light. My reasoning later when I found out about color associations and various chakras and states of consciousness, was centered on physics. I always had the insight somehow to draw science into practices that border the mystical and spiritual. So why white light? Well white light has all of the colors in it. I figured instead of playing doctor with myself trying to guess and intuit what chakra(s) I needed to work on, I took in all colors, in balance and replenished that way via white light. Now... you may ask how I knew I was actually doing something like that, for now let it just be said, I knew via positive reinforcement in the sense that physiological sensations were expressed in very powerful ways. 

 So, back to my first session. I kept on working my way up my body and got to my "third eye" and I could really see how one could see the world purely on a different level. I went higher, until I reached the "top" of my head, at which point I felt an incredible rush run through me to the point that the hairs on my neck literally stood up and I could feel intense energy running through my skin on my arms, all over really. 

 For some reason I decided to try above my head. I was astonished to find that I could percieve the universe from that viewpoint and it was a godlike experience. I felt a powerful awesome force that was greater, like as if I had gods eyes is the best I could explain it succinctly. 

 Immediately I discounted the whole experience and felt I had been deluding myself becuase of the fact that I was able to perceive the universe from a viewpoint outside of my own body, I mean how would that be possible. 

 Fortunately I have always had the gift of receiving the answer in a few different forms. One, the experience itself which I am comfortable enough in knowing is correct. Second, I receive the answer and insight in the form of a scientific explanation when I have a doubt or question of the universe. Thirdly, luckily many times I have had witnesses which would "see" what I was doing, they were super sensitive people and special in their own sense to be able to do that. In this case with the chakra focus session, I only had the first 2 and this is how I knew it was possible. 

 One day in chiropractic school, I believe it was physiology lab, we were covering EEG's and how they work. I was handed a sheet of paper that had a diagram of a head and lines and waves drawn on this outline of a head. 

 The lines and curves represented electrical frequencies, ones that actually existed OUTSIDE of your physical head. In other words it showed how when we activate the neurons in our brain, that very electircal activity causes other electrical and magnetic activity as well, where waves and electrical arcs actually come outside of the head and come back in at a different location. 

 First thought I had was "Wow, again I am still getting the information I need to explain the only doubt I had in my own mind to my personal experience that day." The universe is good to me like that and I thank it. 

 Since then I have had friends tell me there are even higher levels outside of the body that can be tapped into, at which I thought, wow, and I thought I had reached the top. I have also had more experienced people in this topic tell me that it takes months, sometimes years (if ever) to reach those refined levels and states of consciousness. More recently I had someone totally shut off their mind when I mentioned that levels above the third eye were possible. 

 So that is my experience with chakras during my personal meditation practice.