We are Antenna - Empyrean Mind

You attract what you set your mind to attract.

 Your mind works like an antenna that broadcasts a spectrum of energy into the universe. If your mind is focused on something, it draws that something more into reality. 

 If your mind is not focused on anything, you will receive anything from the universe in your life. 

 There are two main factors when determining the strength of the minds broadcast "signal" to the universe. The power, and the frequency of broadcast. 

 The closer you are to feeling like yourself, or, resonating at your optimal frequency, the more in touch you are with your needs. The more in union your self is with the universe. This frequency has been yours since the very moment the ova and the sperm communed, and you had your first experience understanding the universe in this form. First experiences are the greatest in affecting the nervous system of a living organism since it is highly sensitive and impressionable the younger, or newer the organism is to the universe. In fact, you are so sensitive during this union that you can feel the presence of the position of the planets at the moment you come to be. It is your first "understanding" of the universe and the frequency which you are at at this time is your marker. 

 The second consideration in the capability of the minds ability to transfer its desires to the universe most effectively is the broadcast strength of your signal, or thoughts. Otherwise known as power output. It is not enough to be resonating at your optimal frequency, it is also necessary to be broadcasting at a more powerful transmission. How does one go about increasing the focus, and power of the mind? Well, as it turns out exercise is very good for this in many, many ways. Science is only now catching on to the true connection between the power of the mind and intense physical activity. 

 To surmise what was already stated. The universe is made up of a seemingly infinite amount of energy spectrum for you to connect to. All it takes to create what you desire is focus, focus of a higher order. Also, you need to have the ability to center the self, resonate at your own true frequency. This is also accomplished during exercise at it draws the self into more of the material form, as apposed to wave form. 

 We exist as wave and particle at the same time. In order to flow in tune with the universe as a wave, it is necessary to draw upon your matter state and ensure it is functioning at an optimal state. When we exercise we are focusing on our physical state, which is the form in which we mainly use to interact with reality. 

 One thing to note. The reasoning behind the ability to draw something from a wave/particle state to more of a particle state is based on the double slit expiriment. If you focus on an object, say a cup, you actually draw it more into the physical realm from its prior state of existence as wave/particle. The very act of focusing on it brings it more into the physical reality. Your thought wave patterns are powerful enough to actually having that effect. The interaction of your thoughts and the physical object, the cup in this instance, are enough alone to change it's state of flux. In the double slit expiriment, light is used.


 Our minds attract what we are focused on. Our minds become more focused through exercise. It is good to have in mind goals so your mental energy is applied toward creating something in the future. With no goals, your mind will wander aimlessly in no particular directions. During exercise is the best time to focus on these goals, when your mind is alert, has greater flow of oxygen and blood to the brain and is at a higher state of consciousness and awareness.