Was I the only one?

If i ever had a claim to fame it would be that I truly believe I was the "most" connected being at around the age 21-23 (don't recall exactly - someday I will have to look it up). At the time I was diligently working solely on becoming more pure and connected with the source itself through physical, mental, and spiritual exercises that I know now I was divined. I did this 3 hours a day for about 7 months... and able to do the impossible that was always witnessed, since then many times over.

I know I was the most ascended because one day during my meditation I did a "scan" for other like persons and where I had a vision or I astral traveled higher and higher into the atmosphere and above to seek any other like minded individuals were there (where I think universal intelligence or information can be accessed and shared) at the time. I sensed no one else at that level. I felt alone in that space.

Many years later I am comfortable in saying this. The universe and I still have a most magical connection. I just don't come out to play with it as often - but I still love it and it still plays with me in the most beautiful synchronous ways when I seek it. I am also witness to a society where more and more people are starting to understand these esoteric possibilities. I just know anyone can access that level. Anyone.

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