Google "definition of white light" and you get...

Google "definition of white light" and you get... "white light

 Noun: 1) Apparently colorless light, such as ordinary daylight. It contains all the wavelengths of the visible spectrum at equal intensity. 2) The light supposedly seen by people as they approach death." 

Reread that. Below are just random thoughts that are not so random to a learned mind (some physics helps) 

 This is very cool to me since I adhere to the belief that imagining working with white light (entering it into you - in-spiration - or inspire, & breathe in) take this "white light" INTO you, I suggest the vast amount of space in your atoms. Use the purest source in the universe and piggy back it on white light to purify yourself. The closest light source is the sun I believe.

Inherent eternal wisdom already in you.

Did you know that the very atoms that make you up have always been here? The material that makes you up already comes with a wisdom that is inherently built into itself. Atoms know what you were before they became a part of you, and will continue to exist long after you, but in a different form. They are eternal. This, "it all started with the big bang" theory is just as ridiculous as thinking that a magical, almighty creature willed it all into existence. There is a source of higher order, but it does not work this way.

The answer is that there are more than likely cyclic big bangs, repeated expansions and contractions.

The point however is, you have access to this timeless wisdom if you just learn to listen to it. In this form there is a filter (in your brain - RAS) that allows you to perform your regular daily tasks without having to deal with this innate information overload.   Learn to take it all in.

- Arturo Mancheno

My own understanding of God

What people refer to as God in my opinion is just a finite portion of the full energy spectrum, most likely pure in nature and containing the highest amount of order, and may also be associated with white light. My opinion is that this spectrum can not change and does not make decisions, it is there for you to align yourself with it, rather than it with you. The closer you are to being pure and orderly, the closer you are to its essence and receive the benefits of containing such traits. All else around is less than perfect order, and is less than purely pure. That, I believe, is the world we live in.

When meditating, praying, making goals...

When you focus on improvement of self, don't limit yourself there.

 You interact with others so it is to your own benefit to wish them better as well. This is truly a collective experience. 

 It is very important that you do better yourself, physically, mentally, spiritually and any other way possible. 

 It is important to do so because there is no doubt that you will come across others that are not at the elevated consciousness level that you may be. So you must find a way to ground yourself so your vision is not altered or set back by theirs. 

 Also because you will come across others that are at a higher level of oneness with self and the universe itself, so you want to be the best you can be to keep others on their ascended level. 

 Dance while you meditate. Make it a part of your movement. Channel positive energy through you. Make it a part of your very being. Invite it in. It is infinite in nature. 

 Once you feel yourself channel this state of being, share it with the world, with the whole universe even.  

Replenish and repeat. 

 The universe itself is an ever evolving consciousness and you are part of it. Your actions have a greater effect than you can possibly understand right now, but I expect and hope someday you will... understand and be a part of that. 

 So set goals, pray, focus, meditate, on self to improve, and for the universe itself to improve. 

 No limits. No boundaries. Just a higher vision for what can be. 

 With love and yours on this path toward elevated, enlightened self, and elevated reality expression for all, 

 Arturo Mancheno

Evolutionary Process Revealed

"Darwin was only half right. An organism just doesn't push to evolve and progress by chance alone to become a better version of itself. There is totally another side to this process of evolution. There is also a gentle pull that guides the organism to evolve in the right direction. This pull comes from various energy fields and frequencies that the organism can detect even before it develops its refined senses to better interpret those energy fields and frequencies."

 - Arturo Mancheno

The Universe is Alive Postulate.

Life force can only come from other sources of life force. I believe the whole universe is alive.

We eat food that was once alive, that food received its life source from other animals or plants, plants received life source from Earth & Sun. Earth receives life source from the Sun and everything else around.

The sun must also receive sustenance from its surroundings.

The rules of physics, the orderly fashion and nature of the universe itself provide the template that sustains the sun. The fuel that is burned came from material that has been around forever, as you can not create or destroy energy, but change its form. Stuff that has been around for all time, as cyclic big bangs occur. The sun did not just spontaneously create itself. It requires the material of the universe, therefore is dependent on it.  This process is telescoping infinitely outwards, and in as well. Our definition of life has to include this. 

I think we should see the universe for what it is and broaden our consciousness and understanding of the universe itself, as being a living entity.

Expand your understanding of the definition of life.

Access Future Time - Mancheno's Future Time Projection Path (MFTPP)

Want to know how to predict the future? First connect to highest energy frequency spectrum in existence. Second, imagine a line that represents your past, the further this line goes away from you, the further back in time we go.

 You will represent the here and now, that is always and forever on going, forever back and forever forward. Now imagine this past line not only projecting in a direction that represents your past and away from you, but a line that intersects at YOU in the here and now. It is now a direction which if you keep following through you, projects in a direction where future time information is best conducted. I call this line that represents future time, Art Mancheno, the mother fucking bad ass mother fuckers future time link connection a la cause he exhibits the bad assery really to the max, or not much more simply, Mancheno's Future Time Projection Path MFTPP. 

 It is set up specifically for those gifted enough to know how to connect with self and then the source to ride. With this method I have predicted (more recentlly) earthquakes the same day, Rain and flooding specifically to the North Bay, and too much to mention. Use your body (exercise - mechanoreception) as a generator to turn your mind into a power radio station where you are the one broadcasting your mind information unto, or taking information from.

How to breathe positivity on a totally higher level.

Firstly this is a mind experience you have to decide you want to take. The concepts and exercises I am sharing will take you to a level higher than your previous experiences, specifically with this exercise of positive breathing.

 In yoga they use breathing to envision channeling good energy in along with each breath taken in, and exhaling anything else out. With repetition this gives the person a sense of heightened well being. 

 I have found a way to maximize the effectiveness and sense of well-being doing this exercise. 

 Before I begin "channeling" I firstly do some exercises to EXPAND my lung capacity - so I can draw in more air (and "positive energy"). When you do it right, you feel it, once you feel it there is no other thought aside from wanting more of this feeling, it is that good. It can really be that good when done right. 

 So before I begin "channeling" I force air into my lungs and hold and bear down so I create internal pressure pushing from the inside out. I force in more air into my lungs by actually swallowing air (like you REALLY need it maximally), then again bearing down. Maybe do this 4-5 times is usually enough. This should stretch your rib cage and intercostal muscles and ligaments from the inside out. I will call this exercise Manchenos Maximal Lung Capacity Exercise. MMLCE. 

 So, now, to channel this higher energy there is a body position that allows you to better take in air (and this "energy"). Essentially you stand on the balls of your feet with hands palms up and head facing up (play with and focus on gravity while breathing in). Your rib cage in this position should have little to no resistance and is ready to take on as much as you can take in. 

 Now imagine breathing in positive/good energy. Breathe in PURE energy, the purest energy. Breathe in pure energy, pure orderly energy, breathe in love, breathe in life while breathing in air. Breathe all of these things and anything else that is good at once. Imagine attracting these things coming into you - they are hitching a ride on the purest energy frequency possible - with light as your focus medium. You are imagining taking in this pure light into the infinite space that is inside you - into the space of every atom that makes you up. At the same time as breathing this pure light in, you take in these positive concepts in as well. With repetition you are actually exchanging this energy that exists interspersed everywhere in the universe and making it a part of your self. If you don't FEEL this, you are doing it wrong and need to believe - then feel. Feeling high naturally is the goal. There is a reason these feelings are experienced and the science is starting to finally catch up. 

 Short story - So use your breathe to take in a pure light source energy that has all these positive traits. 

Breathe - > Take in light/positivity - > Take in and eventually connect with Pure Source (highest energy frequency itself.) 

 Now if you want to take this experience to the highest level possible, it won't be easy, not by far. This is a LOT easier to focus on and actually do after 2 or so hours of intense exercise (Gravity-centric, or firing extensor muscle, exercises to affect the RAS Reticular Activating System thereby stimulating focus, arousal, consciousness and stimulating your neocortex where higher process thinking occurs.) followed by these breathing exercises THEN one hour of yoga and chi work. Why take it to the next level - The purpose of drawing in this energy is so you can channel it through you during the third hour. 2 Hours of intense exercise also triggers neurogenesis - or the creation of new brain cells. The third hour is spent you fostering these new brain cells into states of such higher positivity that you can access to a more refined energy frequency out there. Your mind is super focused, super aware, and now operating at it's highest capacity. 

 Back to breathing. You know you are doing it right when you actually feel passion, when you breathe in intensely & PASSIONATELY. Be really happy you can do this at all, after all you are expressing life to the max when you do this, so really, make your breathe in line so you feel this. 


 Inspiration - to inspire. Also to breathe in. 

 Expiration - to pass. Also to breathe out. 

 These words and definitions have more than just the simple act itself in play. Open up your world. It is all there if you know where to look for it. Take it to the next level. 

 Sometimes formal and lexical semantics, root words, show more about what they are representetive of (definition) than most people realize. 


 Uni - One. 

 Verse - Story. 

 Incorporate all of the concepts of mutliple universes (really just varied energy spectrum) into this one. Any new concept and understanding of what other dimensions are like exists along WITH, not beside, not next to, but is a part of this one universe. 

 This one story. 

 Make it all fit and make sense of it. 

 Then take it to the next level of understanding.

Accessing higher frequency spectrum with the mind.

Years ago when I was contemplating how the greatest minds of all time were able to understand and explain the fundamental universal mysteries of science light years ahead of their time (the concept of the atom - Democritus Mendeleev was the person who named the atom and amazingly he figured out that atoms existed in 400 BC. Most of what he theorized was right. He said most everything was composed of the same primary matter only with different sizes, shapes and positions. Tesla, Einstein, etc...) I realized that there had to exist an energy spectrum that contained this enlightening information that they were able to tap into. I immediately "set" my mind to try and tap into this spectrum and years later have been able to tap in to this knowledge myself... directly.

 I have learned a mundane/simplistic way of teaching others how to actually be able to tap into these telepathic powers, by using the body as a generator (through exercise) to literally increase power to the brain. 

 After 2 hours of this intense exercise the brain responds by creating MORE powerful brain cells AKA neurogenesis (more excitable = lower potential threshold?), your body is built to adapt to what you are throwing at it. 

 Equally as important is knowing how to access or tune into this higher energy frequency spectrum that exists in the universe. The next step is learning how to channel this energy. 

 I am not the first to come up with some of these concepts. I think I am the first however able to explain how to actualize these theories into tangible, and shared, experiences. "It seems to me that in these rays we may have a possible mode of transmitting intelligence which, with a few reasonable postulates, may supply a key to much that is obscure in psychical research. Let it be assumed that these rays, or rays even of higher frequency, can pass into the brain and act on some nervous center there. Let it be conceived that the brain contains a center which uses these rays as the vocal chords use sound vibrations (both being under the command of intelligence), and sends them out, with the velocity of light, to impinge on the receiving ganglion of another brain. In this way some, at least, of the phenomena of telepathy, and the transmission of intelligence from one sensitive to another through long distances, seem to come into the domain of law and can be grasped. A sensitive may be one who possesses the telepathic transmitting or receiving ganglion in an advanced state of development, or who, by constant practice, is rendered more sensitive to these high-frequency waves. Experience seems to show that the receiving and the transmitting ganglions are not equally developed; one may be active, while the other, like the pineal eye in man, may be only vestigial. By such an hypothesis no physical laws are violated; neither is it necessary to invoke what is commonly called the supernatural."

How to hack your brain and increase its processing power to work FOR YOU... naturally.

I think I am the first person to have "hacked" the brain at this level to allow for greater manifestational properties/results in creating anything positive you can possibly focus on. By hacked I mean I figured out a way to tap into and release a power, essentially a body of capability already existing within you that makes you work at your maximum potential on so many different levels (infinite). The great thing is, if you do it right, you have no choice but to excel in any positive direction(s) - a multifaceted positive result from an initially linear and material practice.

 To begin: You use your body (muscles) as a generator of electricity (literally increasing brain power through the firing of muscles). Use extensor muscles to affect the reticular activating system RAS (1) (through reverse engineering of known body of knowledge) which causes great focus, attention, arousal, concentration, even higher consciousness. Throw in a lot of gravity work - to develope a highly refined sense of balance - your very perception of the very subtle and constant thing we do all the time - know where we are in time space. 

 These exercises make your brain super aware and highly functional. Use this super mental concentration window you have honed through by physical exercising to allow your mind to tap into and "harness" and attract higher energy frequencies and particles into you. Positive frequencies like purity, love, order, happiness, bliss, etc... 

 1) Exercise body to waken the brain to safely known max realm. 

 2) Use mind to focus on synchronizing with then channeling higher positive frequencies (using breathing techniques - see FB notes.) 

 3) Watch your environment respond over time (time response for reality to manifest becomes shorter the longer you practice, and initially, the quicker and stronger you can synchronize with and channel this high universal frequency.) 

 Next level - 

 Unlock super God mode: Now if you have the discipline to do 3 hours of working out (2 hours anything intense that builds better muscle control like balance. Just play with gravity until you own it and it becomes powerful and graceful with you- just to fully wake your higher self up for a bit. THEN one hour energy channeling, or chi work.) IF you can do this then you will be able to do what is considered today... as the impossible. 

 This is the "empyrean" icing on the cake. If you do work out like this consistently you will create new, more powerful brain cells. These brain cells will trigger these positive thoughts you have been focusing on and all of the sudden, these thoughts are now running your brain. I am serious, you will redesign the software running your brain with the highest code language possible - from a clean install. This is not only called neuroplasticity, you are now tapping into neurogenesis (2). The creation of new, powerful brain cells... naturally. 

 They (the new brain cells, or neurons) have no limits or pre-programmed preconceptions like the neurons that make up your brain now. That is why they have the potential to be super powerful - if you focus on the ultimate positive outcome to whatever you want to manifest. 

 What is great is there is a built in system to prevent misuse. If you try and manifest anything negative, the system will override and you have now basically short circuited your brain. Don't be a dunce and try and harm yourself, or others like this. You have been warned. 

 So anyway, not sure how many different ways I can say this. This is the real deal Holy field. Also, I need more maximally enlightened people in this world. It is good for all of us. 

 Come play on this plane. You owe it to yourself during this lifetime. 

 /signed AEM



 Art Mancheno on Neurogenesis

Part of the reason as to why we age...

I have described why we get older in this way. This picture shows exactly what I meant (a total trip, but not unexpected to me).

 As we pass through the template of what contains the rules of the universe (physics and metaphysics), that template is stationary, while we move through it as we travel in space. As we pass through this template bits of what makes us up individually, on an atomic scale are left behind. This is due to sheer friction of our atoms passing through this universal - rule containing template on a micro micro level. 

Various forms of exercise and their potential effects

From my personal experience over many years of training in various physical sports and exercises I have found this to be true for myself.

 Weight lifting - feel better physically - mind becomes focused 

 Muscle activation (self) - Feel better physically - mind even more focused. Greater muscle control / mind body connection. 

 Aerobics - (running, intense dance, martial arts (Tae Kwon Do) ) - can get high naturally - more focused mind (best time to think over anything important in your life) - best ways to lose weight. 

 Yoga - feel better physically - spiritual connectedness (self) Tai Chi, Qi Gong - Physically energized / Empowered spiritual connectedness (self/universal) 

 A precise combination of all of these elements over a 3 hours in one session and you can tap into higher self and delve into the mystic even.

Quoting Myself

"If it were not for good luck I would have none." - Arturo Mancheno

"Synchronicities are aligning energy frequencies being collapsed to physically express the powerful nature of a harmonic universe realized." - Arturo Mancheno 

 "You can never have too much love in your life!" - Arturo Mancheno 

 "Everyones purpose should be the same although expressed in various ways,... To protect this planet and the life on it for aeons to come." - Arturo Mancheno 

 "Always keep your chin up, it makes it a whole lot easier to see the good things coming your way." - Arturo Mancheno 

 "It is knowing what to do with what you have that will get you there." - Arturo Mancheno 

 "I don't mind debating tough issues so long as you are committed to understanding that I am right." - Arturo Mancheno 

 "If you don't stay one step ahead of the game, you will always be falling behind." - Arturo Mancheno 

"Seekers find." - Arturo Mancheno 

 "I have yet to find indisputable scientific evidence that shows I am in fact NOT the center of the universe." - Arturo Mancheno 

 "It comes down to the right attitude and an appropriate amount of gratitude that you have for things in life that makes all the difference. Those are both on you to foster and ultimately enjoy." - Arturo Mancheno 

 "We all just want to be loved." - Arturo Mancheno 

 "First expect something great, then make it happen!" - Arturo Mancheno 

 "I just want you to release all of your positive energy, here and now." - Arturo Mancheno 

 "Live each day as if it were your last, but remember there is always a tomorrow." - Arturo Mancheno

 "The greatest possession is a clear conscious." - Arturo Mancheno 

 "If life is just an illusion, then wouldn't the greatest focus to dedicate ALL of your energy towards be to become a master illusionist? Create your reality, make it, don't just be a subject of it." - Arturo Mancheno

 "The very template of this universe, the grid, the matrix, the glue and order of everything can be surmised as simply being consciousness. A universal consciousness that permeates & connects everything. The universe expands and contracts, while consciousness is forever expanding." - Arturo Mancheno 

 "Really, there is no such thing as, "conspiracy theorists". There are just people that have the ability to know what will happen in the future, like myself, and those that don't." - Arturo Mancheno 

 "Some people say perfection is not attainable so they give up trying. Others see it as a challenge and try to constantly improve. Which one are you?" - Arturo Mancheno‎ 

 "I have been a caterpillar and butterfly many times during this lifetime. Both are necessary processes so enjoy and respect the process each time." - Arturo Mancheno 

 ‎"Pure love, expressed physically or spiritually, is the most beautiful thing there is to experience." - Arturo Mancheno 

 "We are all the sons and daughters of God. It is just that some act like it more than others." - Arturo Mancheno 

 "In any interaction you have, remember you are at least 50% of the experience. Make your experiences great ones!" - Arturo Mancheno ‎

"The Universe itself is ever evolving." - Arturo Mancheno 

 ‎"To become successful at anything, first you have to want to be become successful. It is a state of mind first, then lots of work second." - Arturo Mancheno 

 "I can clearly remember when the Constitution and Bill of Rights were intact, whole, and serving this country well. We have essentially allowed terrorists and maniacs determine who we are, to define our rights. I am not referring to the atrocious events that have occurred, I am referring to our own government. They are the ones taking away our rights." - Arturo Mancheno 

 "If you have never, then maybe you should, unless it is not good for you." - Arturo Mancheno 

 "Before I was born God asked me if I wanted to be super intelligent, super strong & agile, amazingly ridiculousness good looking, and super charismatic, or if I would like to be humble. That explains why I am not humble." - Arturo Mancheno 

 "I have pure love for love, and love has pure love for me." - Arturo Mancheno 

 "Love is the giving of the self, not of materials." - Arturo Mancheno 

 "Happiness is a way of life." - Art Mancheno 

 "I am not going to wait to be happy when I can be happy now." - Art Mancheno 

 "Do you know how I know everything in the Universe is right? Love is the greatest experience and money can not buy it." - Art Mancheno 

 "Each day is a life unto its own." - Art Mancheno 

 "Love like you're alive and live like you're in love." - Art Mancheno 

 "Sun, Earth, and Water are to Plants, as Love is to People." - Art Mancheno 

 "The wonderful thing about this country is that you can create your own utopia, and be in a beautiful place and space. This however does not justify the stealing of trillions of dollars by the banks and corporations, enabled through the government. Demand more, demand social & economic justice for all!" - Art Mancheno 

 "An eye for an eye would not make the whole world go blind, it might actually help some see." - Art Mancheno 

 ‎"Corporations and government should serve the people, not the other way around." - Art Mancheno 

‎"There is nothing like the here and now. Regardless of how powerless you may feel, you are the most empowered right now. The power to make a decision, to act, to be, all happening as you read this. Go get what you want, and while you are at it, make this world a better place!" - Art Mancheno ‎

"Today is the greatest day of all days, for it is happening here and now!" - Art Mancheno 

 "A kiss can be as passionate & intimate as making love." - Art Mancheno 

 "How do you make a good day great? Will it, you are at least half the experience!" - Art Mancheno 

 "The future is now!" - Art Mancheno 

 "How can you expect to find true love when you have never been in love with the divine?" - Art Mancheno ‎

"When it comes to a strong economy, Main Street > Wall Street." - Art Mancheno ‎ 

"Push yourself beyond your prior limits and make your past achievements your new norm." - Art Mancheno 

 "Sex can be over-rated, making love can not." - Art Mancheno 

 "Your time ≯ mine. Of course I feel my time > yours. But I am respectful of others time as I am my own. Please do the same." - Art Mancheno 

 "It is a lot easier to imagine being successful in whatever you pursue when you have already been successful in other avenues. Give your best in all you do is all you can ever do and hope for continued success." - Art Mancheno ‎

"When you can see your soul and feel your heart in her eyes reflecting in the halls of infinity and all time, you know you have found your soul mate." - A. Mancheno 

 "Who should I talk to verify I am the naughty version of Messiah. If no one is found, I will just state to you potentially kind people, I am the greatest conductor of the source when I work out and then meditate." -A. Mancheno 

 "What goes up can keep going up if it breaks free of the effects of gravity. Will it still be in a place that is a part of you though?" -A. Mancheno 

 "One can always better oneself." -A. Mancheno ‎

"When all else fails, succeed!" -A. Mancheno 

 "Whoever has not known love has not looked in the mirror long enough." ‎-A. Mancheno 

 "Politics is like True Love, the older you get the less likely you feel you will find anything worthwhile come of it." ‎-A. Mancheno 

 "If the source is associated with being divine, powerful, orderly, pure, full of light and love, then it can not deviate from being what it is, it can not change it's nature to communicate with you or it ceases to be what it is. Therefore you must align yourself with that energy spectrum if you want to communicate with the source itself" -A. Mancheno 

 "We are similar in that everyone wants to have better surroundings or position in life, no matter what their current status or position. The difference is in how one goes about achieving that endeavor, and what lengths one is willing to go." - Art Mancheno ‎

"It is time the government start conducting itself more as a business, and less as a system of control. Successful capitalism should be led by example." - Art Mancheno 

 "We can already communicate with animals, we share the language of love." - Art Mancheno 

 "And I lived happily ever after =)~" - Art Mancheno 

 "More empathy, less apathy." - Art Mancheno 

 "Go ahead, make my life." - Art Mancheno 

 "If you don't ask the universe to give you what you want, you are likely to receive anything." - Art Mancheno 

 "Make your heaven here on Earth." - Art Mancheno 

 "You be my muse and I will be your oracle." - Art Mancheno 

 "When it comes to life and love, I am a realist and an optimist, when it comes to politics, I am a realist and a pessemist." - Art Mancheno 

 "I am my own role model." - Art Mancheno 

 "Critical thinkers have always paved the way in philosophy, the love of knowledge, and science, the dance of mathematics.." - Art Mancheno 

 "You know you are looking good when you love the mirror and it loves you back, making you fall in love even more!" - Art Mancheno 

 "The more you know, the more you know." - Art Mancheno 

 "Where there is a higher purpose, there is a passion." - Art Mancheno 

 "Anything that can go right, will go right." - Art Mancheno 

 "I came here to change the world and chew bubble gum, and guess what? I AM ALL OUT OF BUBBLE GUM!" - Art Mancheno 

 "Have an amazingly wonderful, inexplicably magical, everything goes your way day. If this does not come to pass exactly as stated, try again the next day until you succeed. Then just rinse and repeat." - Art Mancheno 

"Music is the language of the spirit." - Art Mancheno 

 "Love to live, live to love, or just love to love." - Art Mancheno 

 "I was questioned once as to why I was happy, the answer I gave was, you don't question why you are happy, you just are." - Art Mancheno 

 "If I were to choose one thing to always have present throughout my life, it would be love, true love." - Art Mancheno 

 "When I die, I will make you God." - Art Mancheno 

 "If God is everything, and we are a part of that EVERYTHING, then that makes US God." (I personally do not believe God, as defined by most, is everything. I think God is just a specific powerful part of the full spectrum.) - Art Mancheno 

 "Today is potentially the greatest day of your life." - Art Mancheno 

 "Throwing aside all of religion because of those that use it for their own selfish purposes, or because some things just do not make sense, is like throwing out all of science due to all of the failed hypothesis and formulas that went by the wayside. A true master takes note of what is right, incorporates it into their own understanding, and moves on." - Art Mancheno 

 "To think something can come from nothing is not logical, and to think something can become nothing is not logical either. Therefore, we have always been here and always be here." (Working off of physics, the 3rd law of Thermodynamics where you can not create or destroy energy, just shift its form.) - Art Mancheno 

 "Imagination is just as important and knowledge, and you can never get enough of the latter." - Art Mancheno 

 "Positive Change>Positive Action> Positive Words>Positive Thoughts." - Art Mancheno 

 "If you are going to exist, be the best version of you possible and be in a better space throughout your journey, mind, body, & spirit." - Art Mancheno 

 "If everyone were to do just one more act of good than bad throughout their lifetime, taking into consideration their ecological impact, then we would all live in a world that was constantly becoming a better place to live. Until we work out the ecological impact we have, it means we should all act like saints. ;)" - Art Mancheno 

 "Visualize, actualize, crystallize." - Art Mancheno 

 "Envision planting seeds of positivity in the future, in the present, and in the past. Rinse and repeat." - Art Mancheno 

 "Another day is another chance to make the world a better place for all." - Art Mancheno 

 "I love everyone, some more than others, but still there is love =)" - Art Mancheno 

 "The future always comes in time." - Art Mancheno 

 "It takes pure work to achieve a pure mind, body, and soul." - Art Mancheno 

What is "God"?

While everyone is bashing religion let me enlighten you with my own personal insights on the matter. I have defined "god" myself and think it is the best definition out there until I see a better one comes along. Here goes.

The energy source people refer to as "God" (powerful, pure, orderly energy), DOES exist. It is only a very minute spectrum of energy, that you can tap into, that exists within the full spectrum of energy around us. This "source" IS perfect, but man is not. That is where the trouble lies. 

Since man is not perfect, it follows that mans definition or understanding IE religion is not perfect either. The source is perfect, mans interpretation not. So my advice is, don't throw the baby out with the bathwater. 

Create your own personal connection, or don't, it is your choice. In a way, it is like working out (exercise), you can develop the relationship with yourself to look better and feel better or not if you opt to do nothing, in which case that is your loss. 

Same with this divine connection/relationship only it is divine in nature. A connection between you and the source. No religion involved. Just self realization and self actualization. 

If you are the type to wait for science to explain what is obvious to many you will go to your grave having limited your full potential experience.

The Story of Green and Purple

One day I was walking across the desert at Burning Man with a long time friend, Randy G., and some overwhelming feeling, like grand intuition, just came and entered me. I suddenly had a profound desire to mention to Randy the colors green and purple. For a millisecond I was questioning whether or not to share this funny color combination or not but before I could even finalize this internal debate I find myself turning to him and I say, "For some reason the colors green and purple are in my mind."

 I have known this friend, Randy, for a very long time so felt comfortable sharing this peculiar information (later that day realized as divination) with him. I consider him to be highly intelligent, if there is ever something I do not know science-wise I turn to him and he usually has a good idea or knows the topic well. He can usually count on me to do the same. 

 So later that same evening we start talking to a neighbor (Hib E. is his name) camping in the same area, the topic is meditating with light energy. I mentioned working with white light, I explained that I choose white because I rationalized years ago that it has all of the colors of the energy spectrum in it. I also associate it with pureness, a key component in the process of my connection to source. Anyway, Hib tells us his mom taught him to do the same but with different colors. 

 I knew right then to ask him, "What colors?" Hib replies, "Light green and purple." 

 Excitedly I turn to Randy which heard the whole conversation and I say, "See? The colors green and purple!" 

Randy turns to me and says, "You said green and purple, he said LIGHT green and purple." 

I thought he was kidding but he was dead serious and saw no connection whatsoever.

The moral of the story is, even when the unbelievable happens right before their eyes, it is still not believable. 

I chalk it up to being an inherent protection mechanism innate in most. I mean how much do you have to change your world view to think that such things would be possible and have a rational explanation for it? A complete paradigm shift most people are not ready for. Still, that does not stop me from showing others the universe that really exists!

The Evolution of Exercise - What to Expect Next...

I have been around long enough to have witnessed the evolution of exercise from your basic weight lifting gyms popping up everywhere, the growth of aerobic exercising (HBO), and the continuation through to MMA, Crossfit, and the growing popularization of yoga.

I have practiced all of these in some form, some many years before becoming popular.

What is next? Qigong. 

The other day while at the gym I noticed one person channeling energy correctly and powerfully. Took me by surprise but was very nice to see.

Qigong is like working energy through the body. Being able to tap into and harness this universal energy is a gift. The idea is to guide the energy while at the same time being guided by it and working it through and around you. 

Sounds esoteric, I know, but pioneers in each one of the exercise disciplines were always on the cutting edge. 

Personally, I can't wait for it to become popular, and it will. 

If you practice yoga now, I strongly recommend looking into this form of mind body exercise to supplement your existing training. 

Qigong is the ultimate in mind body spirit unification. 

 Do it! 

 Best of luck connecting and channeling! 

 ~ A

How to maximize your full potential, body, mind, & spirit.

There are 3 doors you have to go through in the right order to super actualize.

 Door 1) Physical - takes 2 hours of intense exercise playing with gravity. This is required to maximize the focus and power of your mind to be able to open... 

 Door 2) Mind is primed to be able to focus on an energy field that consists of pure, orderly, energy. Imagining anything that is good is fine (light vs dark, love vs hate, highest energy spectrum vs lowest energy vibration, etc). You use your prime mind to take in this energy through breathing exercises until you replace all of the energy inside of you with this new "quantum" energy that exists throughout the universe. You do this over and over while performing yoga-esque and Qi-gong style movements for an hour or until you access... 

 Door 3) Actually aligning your energy with the highest energy spectrum in the universe. This energy is just a higher vibration, it is not higher than you, it can be more a part of you. It is just energy, but the best energy. Here you can either manifest something you desire (good only - self limiting system) or you ask this powerful source to give or fill you with what it knows you need. 

 This energy is not only in harmony with self, mind, Earth, but is constant throughout the whole Universe.

If there were a first in the Universe, it would be Order.

Years ago I narrowed the whole of the universe into 3 things that are present everywhere at all times to various degrees. I came up with order, force, and energy. Force is the orderly expression of energy.

I have since wondered what would be first if any of those things were first in the universe (I actually think everything is cyclic and everything has always been here so there was no "first"). But it turns out that if there WERE a first among those 3, it would be order. Specifically because while something like energy is not easy to define but can be - colors - light waves/frequencies, sound waves - molecular waves/frequencies, etc., that means if you can define it, it expresses order so you can NOT rule out order in a system like ours since it is inherent to the definition of what kind of energy (sound/light/heat, etc) is being expressed. You will always find order in a system.

 So, if you can define something, you can categorize it and put it in a sort of box - limited by the rules of expression. It also means it contains order. Always reverting back to order. Therefore order must be the first of those 3 (force, order, energy) 

 Of course there are varying degrees of order all around, that is why the world is not as perfect as we would like it to be. 

 To be clear when I say "order" I mean universal order, not mans loose concepts of order.

Montañita, Ecuador Part 1

So one of my favorite places to visit while vacationing in Ecuador is Montañita. People from around the world come to this surfing beach town for the serious partying that happens week long but especially on the weekends where by default the partying can go on until sunrise, and then some. This time my visit to this town was different from all of the other times I had been there, mainly because I had decided to try ayahuasca for the first time and the place I decided to go to for this happened to be not too far from Montañita, right next door in Manglar Alto.

Now most people that know me know that I strongly believe that when coincidences constantly pop up in my life I take it that I am being in line with the path I should take. In this case the person that drove me out from Guayaquil to Montañita just happened to live right down the street from where I planned my stay @ Bromelia during the ayahuasca experience / ceremony.  I had called ahead of time and spoke to Tito, the owner of Bromelia, and felt comfortable trusting him enough to commit and go through with the ayahuasca experience.  I was happy I went this route because I ended up staying @ Bromelia for 2 days and enjoying the company I found there.  Tito is the surfer I photographed up top.

  I ended up hitting the northern beach side of Montañita, an area I had seen before but had no idea really how nice it was (and different from the main party area itself).  They call this area, "La Punta" because the features of the cliff located at that end look like a point.  

La Punta, Montañita, EcuadorMontañita, Ecuador

Most of the better surfing seemed to occur on this side and I found out that there was actually a local micro-brewery right on the beach (it may currently be the only microbrewery in the world on a beach).  I spent a couple of days by La Punta and enjoyed relaxing after my ayahuasca experience on the beach, trying out a few of the various beer flavors microbrewery had to offer, turns out, I enjoyed them all.   These are just a few of the wonderful views I got to enjoy while there.

Montañita, Ecuador
Montañita, Ecuador
Montañita, Ecuador

More to come soon....

Like a rose...

Let me caress and warmly kiss your delicate soft blooming petals, without having to feel the pointed sting of the thorns that protect you.

Let me enjoy the unique fragrance and sweetness inside of you as a bee to a flower would, working diligently to produce the richest most delicious honey.

 Let me be the sunlight that allows you to feel great warmth and security, to graciously flower, and to grow to be even more beautiful than you already are. 

 Let me be the droplets of cool water that tickle and soothe your thorned stem, along your entire length as you push and reach out to grow towards the heavens. 

 Let me be the soil that supports and gives strength to your very roots, to provide you at the core with life, love, and laughter as as best as I can. 

 You are one of the greatest creations god has gifted us with, a rose that is blooming and has yet to see its finest days. I am the timeless essence within the the light and love of the universe, guiding and protecting always, forever, and beyond. 

 Love Arturo Mancheno 

 This poem was inspired by every sweet, beautiful girl I have ever met, or will ever meet. ;)