How to maximize your full potential, body, mind, & spirit.

There are 3 doors you have to go through in the right order to super actualize.

 Door 1) Physical - takes 2 hours of intense exercise playing with gravity. This is required to maximize the focus and power of your mind to be able to open... 

 Door 2) Mind is primed to be able to focus on an energy field that consists of pure, orderly, energy. Imagining anything that is good is fine (light vs dark, love vs hate, highest energy spectrum vs lowest energy vibration, etc). You use your prime mind to take in this energy through breathing exercises until you replace all of the energy inside of you with this new "quantum" energy that exists throughout the universe. You do this over and over while performing yoga-esque and Qi-gong style movements for an hour or until you access... 

 Door 3) Actually aligning your energy with the highest energy spectrum in the universe. This energy is just a higher vibration, it is not higher than you, it can be more a part of you. It is just energy, but the best energy. Here you can either manifest something you desire (good only - self limiting system) or you ask this powerful source to give or fill you with what it knows you need. 

 This energy is not only in harmony with self, mind, Earth, but is constant throughout the whole Universe.

If there were a first in the Universe, it would be Order.

Years ago I narrowed the whole of the universe into 3 things that are present everywhere at all times to various degrees. I came up with order, force, and energy. Force is the orderly expression of energy.

I have since wondered what would be first if any of those things were first in the universe (I actually think everything is cyclic and everything has always been here so there was no "first"). But it turns out that if there WERE a first among those 3, it would be order. Specifically because while something like energy is not easy to define but can be - colors - light waves/frequencies, sound waves - molecular waves/frequencies, etc., that means if you can define it, it expresses order so you can NOT rule out order in a system like ours since it is inherent to the definition of what kind of energy (sound/light/heat, etc) is being expressed. You will always find order in a system.

 So, if you can define something, you can categorize it and put it in a sort of box - limited by the rules of expression. It also means it contains order. Always reverting back to order. Therefore order must be the first of those 3 (force, order, energy) 

 Of course there are varying degrees of order all around, that is why the world is not as perfect as we would like it to be. 

 To be clear when I say "order" I mean universal order, not mans loose concepts of order.

Montañita, Ecuador Part 1

So one of my favorite places to visit while vacationing in Ecuador is Montañita. People from around the world come to this surfing beach town for the serious partying that happens week long but especially on the weekends where by default the partying can go on until sunrise, and then some. This time my visit to this town was different from all of the other times I had been there, mainly because I had decided to try ayahuasca for the first time and the place I decided to go to for this happened to be not too far from Montañita, right next door in Manglar Alto.

Now most people that know me know that I strongly believe that when coincidences constantly pop up in my life I take it that I am being in line with the path I should take. In this case the person that drove me out from Guayaquil to Montañita just happened to live right down the street from where I planned my stay @ Bromelia during the ayahuasca experience / ceremony.  I had called ahead of time and spoke to Tito, the owner of Bromelia, and felt comfortable trusting him enough to commit and go through with the ayahuasca experience.  I was happy I went this route because I ended up staying @ Bromelia for 2 days and enjoying the company I found there.  Tito is the surfer I photographed up top.

  I ended up hitting the northern beach side of Montañita, an area I had seen before but had no idea really how nice it was (and different from the main party area itself).  They call this area, "La Punta" because the features of the cliff located at that end look like a point.  

La Punta, Montañita, EcuadorMontañita, Ecuador

Most of the better surfing seemed to occur on this side and I found out that there was actually a local micro-brewery right on the beach (it may currently be the only microbrewery in the world on a beach).  I spent a couple of days by La Punta and enjoyed relaxing after my ayahuasca experience on the beach, trying out a few of the various beer flavors microbrewery had to offer, turns out, I enjoyed them all.   These are just a few of the wonderful views I got to enjoy while there.

Montañita, Ecuador
Montañita, Ecuador
Montañita, Ecuador

More to come soon....

Like a rose...

Let me caress and warmly kiss your delicate soft blooming petals, without having to feel the pointed sting of the thorns that protect you.

Let me enjoy the unique fragrance and sweetness inside of you as a bee to a flower would, working diligently to produce the richest most delicious honey.

 Let me be the sunlight that allows you to feel great warmth and security, to graciously flower, and to grow to be even more beautiful than you already are. 

 Let me be the droplets of cool water that tickle and soothe your thorned stem, along your entire length as you push and reach out to grow towards the heavens. 

 Let me be the soil that supports and gives strength to your very roots, to provide you at the core with life, love, and laughter as as best as I can. 

 You are one of the greatest creations god has gifted us with, a rose that is blooming and has yet to see its finest days. I am the timeless essence within the the light and love of the universe, guiding and protecting always, forever, and beyond. 

 Love Arturo Mancheno 

 This poem was inspired by every sweet, beautiful girl I have ever met, or will ever meet. ;)